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Goodwill takes your new and gently used items, sorts them and sells them in our network of community stores and community outlets throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Central and Eastern Ontario. This way, Goodwill can give consumers the great bargains they are seeking and raise the revenue we need to create more jobs!

These revenues fund Goodwill’s delivery of our core mission: to create jobs and work experience for those who face employment barriers, among them, the young, the old, new Canadians and the disabled. It allows us to hire more people and invest in Goodwill’s various enterprises: our retail operations, warehousing/secondary processing, environmental (janitorial) services and creative (printing and mailing). These lines of business each provide a platform where people can gain work experience and build skills for the future.

In addition, by donating your new and gently used goods to Goodwill, you are playing an important role in our province’s waste management program, diverting valuable goods that might otherwise end up in landfill.

It’s easy to donate to Goodwill.

Goodwill has stores and donation centres across the Greater Toronto Area, Central and Eastern Ontario. Our convenient donation centre in downtown Toronto is a drive-through location at 231 Richmond St. E. You can drive right in and your goods will be unloaded from your vehicle by Goodwill’s staff.

Click here for a listing of Goodwill Community Stores & Donation Centres.

For guidelines on recycling your electronics, please click here.

Please note that at this time Goodwill does not offer a donation pick-up service.

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